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With so many people claiming that an online presence and downloadable content are the best way to reach your target audience it is easy to think that traditional printing may be less effective, but you’d be wrong. Printing and Visual Marketing should still have a unique place in your Marketing mix, and here are a few reasons why.

Hard Copy – When you provide your potential customers with a beautifully printed brochure, sell-sheet or catalogue you leave them with a reference point that speaks to your companies offering that they will have for many months to come. They will look through it at least 3-4 times and this ability to look at it whenever they want without having to fire-up a device is key.

Easy to share – When you have a printed piece it is easy to let anyone look it over and see all the benefits you have on offer. This is also like leaving a business card or mini-salesperson as this document can help to sell your products or services without having to pay-per-click.

Less expensive – When you think of how much you pay for web services to run a successful campaign, print is a bargain. When you think of the number of eyeballs that will see that brochure or pamphlet over say a 3 month period your cost per impression is negligible.

Targeted – You can send your brochures or catalogues out using very powerful targeting techniques used by mailing houses to get you sales message to the right person at the right time for just pennies per unit.

Link the Print to your Online Campaign – You can combine the power of print with the power of the internet by including links to your content or by using QR codes that the client can scan and be taken to certain web pages or website. 

Trusted Source – Customers respond better to companies that offer printed material and in most cases, trust them more than companies that rely solely on digital media. Websites can be changed quickly, printed materials are more permanent.

Trade Show Giveaways – If you Exhibit at Trade Shows then you must have some sort of printed collateral materials that you can use as a giveaway to attendees that drop by your Booth. Again, this pamphlet or brochure serves two purposes, the first to showcase your products & services, and the other is as a powerful brand ambassador that they will look at many, many times over the coming months.

In conclusion, I believe that print is just as viable as ever and that when used properly as a part of a multi-dimensional marketing program, featuring a strong web presence and an active social media mix it will make your brand simply unstoppable.

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