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Pre-Show Promotion –

1. E-Mail Blast send an email blast to your client list with show information, your booth number, profile company personnel who will be at your booth and tease any new products or services.
2. E-Mail Signature for repeat exposure, reinforce your message with a one-line reminder in your email signature starting a month before the show – “Look for us at The Mining Show – Booth 2315 May 3-5.”
3. LinkedIn Profile Update your corporate LinkedIn profile with the show information and a link to the show website.
4. Social Media Be sure to maximize all social media platforms with ongoing information regarding your presence at trade shows. Give people a reason to come to your booth: announce a draw or contest, a give-away, a demonstration or samples will all encourage attendance at your booth.

Read the Exhibitor Manual

This is a simple idea that can save time, money and confusion.

For example, be clear as to the correct time for move-in and set-up as this is often tightly regulated and precisely timed.

The manual can also provide clarity as to maximum booth height and how to order electrical and other show services etc.

The manual will also indicate whether the show centre is unionized in which case show services will be provided only by unionized trades – this is good to know.

Bring Emergency Supplies

A graphic not co-operating or a broken piece on a booth can happen and a pair of scissors or a roll of tape can be a life-saver at a show.

Here are some suggestions for an emergency kit:
• Masking tape, duct tape, clear tape
• Scissors / utility knife
• Extension cord and power bar
• Screwdriver set
• Spray cleaner and paper towels
• Tape measure
• Cable ties

Book Early and Save

Booking space and show services early can save as much as 30%! The show website and manual will list “early bird” deadlines for services such as carpet, plants, electrical and internet and wi-fi.

Also look for advance shipping information for your booth and products and save money on shipping.

Send your Best People

Other than the impact of your booth, the most significant factor at a trade show is the personnel.

Significant time and effort has gone into the booth and being at the show and your personnel are ultimately responsible for maximizing the benefits of that show – attracting people to the booth and engaging them, asking the right questions and effectively recognizing qualified leads. Send your best people – if someone is new to trade show selling, an in-house information session before hand explaining the trade show approach, will be very helpful.

Trade shows are an effective and useful way to promote your company and sell your product or services, the one on one approach, the hands- on experience and the human factor are invaluable in relationship building and effective selling; your best people will give the best results.

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