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About SmartLink

SmartLink USA LLC is an Ohio based company that is controlled by FH Global Enterprises, LLC. We are dedicated to providing effective marketing services and efficient print and fulfillment at reasonable cost. Our team is made up of veterans of the event management, marketing and printing industries and we have built our business model with a variable cost structure. This allows us to offer a high level of practical experience, know-how, and a network of industry contacts, so clients save money and time. We leverage technology and geography to ensure the work gets done at the optimal price while retaining the highest quality. We are able to offer a full suite of services by leveraging the knowledge of professionals that can provide solutions for all services, paper, bindery, graphics, installation and fabrication at a reasonable cost.

State of the Art Technology

SmartLink and its partners leverage state of the art equipment and technology to provide outstanding results with reasonable costs.

Print Formats & Materials

SmartLink works with a wide variety of print formats and unique substrates in order to pair the right printing process and material for your specific application.  We have a demonstrated history of working with our customers to fully understand their requirements and ensure that the final product meets the defined needs.